94001 Butt Master Carrier

Estate™ and Architrac® Series 94001 Buttmaster Carrier

Sometimes history provides us with brilliant inspiration for what the right path is for us in the future. The Kirsch Buttmaster carrier is no exception. Rooted in designs dating back to early Architrac development, we are excited to bring to market the new Estate and Architrac Series 94001 Buttmaster Carrier. Beyond the familiar Kirsch design of the Buttmaster carrier, we incorporated a few new features that will enhance your traversing experience.

  • True Ripplefold snap spacing provides a consistent look from the master to the return regardless if fullness is 60% or 120%.
  • A ball bearing carrier wheel provides improved strength and makes draperies easier to traverse.
  • The new Buttmaster carrier is designed to work with motorized, cord and wand applications. No special modifications are needed to work across the traversing options.
  • The Buttmaster is designed to work with both motorized and corded end pulleys allowing the carriers to be used on One Way applications.