Selecting Kirsch Architrac

Kirsch Architrac is the industry standard for heavy-duty commercial grade drapery track.  We have attached PDF files below on all the different options.  But for most customers the major question is:  Which Kirsch Architrac Rod should I choose?  The decision here is whether you prefer to open and close your drapery panels with a cord, motorization, or a baton.  Here are the basic options one needs to ask:

  • Cord-Draw Options (with optional AMP Motorization – choose 94001 only)
  • Baton/Hand-Draw Options (94003-wall mount, 94004 – ceiling mount, 94005-ceiling mount without flange)
  • Cubicle Options (9600 ceiling mount & 9046 low profile)

The next question is Drapery Carrier Style, there are two choices Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold.  Pinch Pleats are attached to the rod with drapery pins.  Ripplefold is attached to the rod via ripplefold snaps and the snap tape is sewn onto the drapery panels at the time the panels are fabricated.

Draw/Stack Options – this decision refers to how your drapery panels operate.  There are 3 choices:  1.  Center-Open/Split Draw; 2. One-Way Stack Right; 3. One-Way Stack Left.

Architrac Reference Chart

Kirsch Brochures/Architrac Summary Sheets/Specification in PDFs