Smaller Sizes a Growing Trend

With Kirsch, you have even more options now that Buckingham® and Designer Metals have been updated with new 1 3/8” Estate Traverse Rods for that ultra-sleek look. Buckingham has even more to offer with six new gorgeous neutral finishes and nine new refined finial styles.

The new 1 3/8” traverse rods are perfect for smaller spaces and provide more contemporary looks. The remarkable demand for smaller rods is only growing as more people prefer a simple, more refined look in their window treatments.

94001 Butt Master Carrier

Estate™ and Architrac® Series 94001 Buttmaster Carrier

Sometimes history provides us with brilliant inspiration for what the right path is for us in the future. The Kirsch Buttmaster carrier is no exception. Rooted in designs dating back to early Architrac development, we are excited to bring to market the new Estate and Architrac Series 94001 Buttmaster Carrier. Beyond the familiar Kirsch design of the Buttmaster carrier, we incorporated a few new features that will enhance your traversing experience.

  • True Ripplefold snap spacing provides a consistent look from the master to the return regardless if fullness is 60% or 120%.
  • A ball bearing carrier wheel provides improved strength and makes draperies easier to traverse.
  • The new Buttmaster carrier is designed to work with motorized, cord and wand applications. No special modifications are needed to work across the traversing options.
  • The Buttmaster is designed to work with both motorized and corded end pulleys allowing the carriers to be used on One Way applications. 
Wood Trend Finials

Kirsch New Wood Trends Finials

Kirsch Buckingham

Kirsch Courier June 2020

New Kirsch® Buckingham® and Varia Portfolios

Kirsch is excited to announce the arrival of the new Buckingham and Varia Portfolios. These two new portfolios offer a wide array of colors and textures. The Buckingham portfolio features all fifteen colors in the collection which includes six new colors; Camden, Castle Rock, Distressed Oak, Moonglow, Sterling and Winterwood. Ranging from warm tones of brown to soft whites there is something for everyone’s taste. All colors are available for all Buckingham products from finials to Estate Traverse Rods. The Varia portfolio is another new, stylish fascia for the Estate Traverse Rods. The offering consists of twelve new colors and patterns to bring modernity to any home décor through traversing drapery rods. This eclectic range of patterns is contemporary and clean. We know you will enjoy the new, exciting updates to these collections. For more information on the collections as well as ordering forms, please visit

Briza™ Motorization

The Briza™ Motorization Neo Smart Controller

For the past few years, Spring has been a very exciting time for our Kirsch® partners and family. The weather starts to warm up, we emerge from our winter shells and we get to celebrate April 1st, Kirsch launch day. Whether it is the completely refreshed Buckingham® collection, Designer Metals updates, new Architrac® options, Briza Motorization expansions or K-Rail components, we have a lot to talk about this year. There is one product I would like to highlight today; The Neo Smart Controller for Briza Motorization. No longer are we going to be tethered to a remote to operate Briza Motorized draperies. We can now control our Briza drapery applications from our phones, tablets and home automation devices from virtually anywhere in the world with internet access. Best of all, the Neo Smart Controller can be sold as a retrofit controller for all the Briza tracks that are already in the market. Imagine the possibilities.  

Dan Carpenter

Product Manager

Kirsch New for 2020



• Six new finishes

• Nine new finial styles in 1⅜”, 2″ & 3″

• New transitional bracket in 1⅜”, 2″ & 3″

• New transitional ring in 1⅜”, 2″ & 3″

• Four new holdbacks • Estate™ 1⅜” Decorative Traverse Rods


• Estate™ 1⅜” Decorative Traverse Rods

• Inside Mount Socket for 1⅜” Poles

• New 2″ Fascia for Estate™ Decorative Traverse Rods


• Four new finial styles in 1⅜” & 2″ BRIZA™ MOTORIZATION

• Neo Smart Controller

• Adjustable pulley for easy on site adjustment

• Somfy® Motorhead Adapter


• Buckingham® 1⅜” Decorative Traverse Rods

• Designer Metals™ 1⅜” Decorative Traverse Rods

• Designer Metals™ 2″ fascia for Estate™ Decorative Traverse Rods

• Varia fascia for Estate™ 2″ Decorative Traverse Rods

• Keystone for Estate™ Traverse Rods in 1⅜” and 2″ rounded and 2″ flat

• New butt masters

Briza-Estate-1 3/8"-Wood Trends-Chaucer-Coffee

Happy Autumn! Kirsch Oct 2019 News Letter

Fall is here, time to freshen up your home.

Every fall, homeowners are in a frenzy to freshen up their home with new styles to prepare for family and friends coming to visit. For a busy host or hostess, this is a perfect time to add Briza Motorized Estate Traverse Rods to your home.

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Kirsch 94001

On The Right Track Kirsch 2019

A real Smooth Operator.  Kirsch’s Architrac Rail Systems are one of the most efficient drapery hardware products around.

Series 94001

  • Compatible with Briza Motorization
  • Can be curved or bent
  • Wall or ceiling available
  • Multiple draw options available, cord, baton/hand or Briza Motorization

Series 93001

  • Low profile track (5/8″)
  • Can be curved or bent
  • Wall or ceiling mount available
  • Cord draw system

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