Briza™ Motorization

The Briza™ Motorization Neo Smart Controller

For the past few years, Spring has been a very exciting time for our Kirsch® partners and family. The weather starts to warm up, we emerge from our winter shells and we get to celebrate April 1st, Kirsch launch day. Whether it is the completely refreshed Buckingham® collection, Designer Metals updates, new Architrac® options, Briza Motorization expansions or K-Rail components, we have a lot to talk about this year. There is one product I would like to highlight today; The Neo Smart Controller for Briza Motorization. No longer are we going to be tethered to a remote to operate Briza Motorized draperies. We can now control our Briza drapery applications from our phones, tablets and home automation devices from virtually anywhere in the world with internet access. Best of all, the Neo Smart Controller can be sold as a retrofit controller for all the Briza tracks that are already in the market. Imagine the possibilities.  

Dan Carpenter

Product Manager

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